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Data Market Study

Explore the supply network moving data from source to end user, across data categories and vertical markets.

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What is “directed curiosity?”

Directed curiosity is curiosity directed at a question or problem. It’s built on a lifetime of accumulated knowledge, decades of experience in diverse fields, and a robust appetite for learning curves. It applies lessons from other industries and makes connections across specializations. It figures things out and creates models and frameworks to help others apply the learning.

Directed Curiosity is a research space for discovering and inventing methodologies in intelligence and analytics. We collaborate with like-minded researchers around the world to expand what organizations can know about what matters. Together, we publish what we learn and offer consulting and training services based on our research.

Directed Curiosity builds on more than 15 years of industry analysis and advisory work. Earlier projects concentrated on the emerging market for intelligence and analytics based on social media data, which intersected with most of the high-profile technology developments of recent years. The company’s new name reflects long-held interests that go far beyond that original focus.



Some of what’s cooking in the lab.

Data Market Study

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The Analyst’s Canvas

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Omniscience Framework

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I don’t know anything, but I do know that everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough..

Richard Feynman
Nobel Prize winner, physics