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Current Projects

Our main activity is developing original ideas and frameworks that will lead to publishing, products and services.

Data Market Study

Expanding on work in the social media analysis market, this project is about developing and applying a market model for commercial data ecosystems, starting with a taxonomy of market participants. The project will progress from an idealized market model to validation in selected vertical markets, with eventual applications in market intelligence and strategic planning.

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The Analyst’s Canvas

The Analyst’s Canvas is a tool for specifying requirements and communicating capabilities across specialist silos. It offers a framework for evaluating dissimilar capabilities and exploring new opportunities for existing sources and methods, framing them in the context of the work they support, the client’s ultimate mission, expected outcomes, and available alternatives. First announced in 2017, the canvas is free to use under a Creative Commons license.

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Omniscience Framework

The Omniscience framework is a challenge to think about more of what matters and what we can know about it, from the biggest picture down to the individual transaction. The vision is to use our intelligence systems to connect existing information and analysis currently isolated by scope and time horizons. This is a long-term project; early drafts are available to potential collaborators and supporters.


Older Projects

Social Media Analysis

Tracking the evolution of an emerging market. The Social Media Analysis site is still available but no longer updated. 2006–2022


Adapting to a multi-source, multi-lens world for real-time awareness applications. 2011


A conceptual framework for a system that monitors multiple data sources to detect and react to events of interest. An early application of framing tools in terms of the next step in the user’s workflow. 2012