Welcome to the idea incubator

I was always interested in more than my public profile indicated. After years of public interest in the technologies of working with social media data, this is where the projects that branched off quietly from that work move to the front of the stage.

Directed Curiosity is a lab for developing ideas and methods of working with data to develop useful information, starting with existing projects from the Social Target years. Where it all leads is still TBD, but look for projects to leave the incubator when they’re ready. Meanwhile, look for work in progress and pointers to some of my sources in the newsletter.



Methods & Models

Directed Curiosity is, first, an incubator for new ideas and frameworks. These projects will develop at their own pace, leading to publications and products to implement them.

Strategic Advisory

Services for data and software companies in analytics and intelligence, based on proprietary frameworks and more than 15 years of tracking the technologies and market for multi-source intelligence and analytics.

Research Desk

Extend your reach with bespoke research and methods development from our global network of researchers.

Our Team

Nathan Gilliatt


Nathan is an analyst and strategist with a knack for identifying and communicating the value of innovations. With experience ranging from technology implementation to product management, strategy, and research roles, he bridges the gap between specialists and everybody else, translating tech to human and making connections across domains. A high-level thinker with an eye for detail, Nathan asks the simple questions that uncover gaps in plans and new opportunities.

The Network

Like-minded thinkers and experts

An unexpected benefit of the pandemic era was the emergence of global, virtual communities. I’m fortunate to have been discovered by several of these, which introduced me to fascinating people who have become friends and collaborators. These networks extend the range of the possible for Directed Curiosity projects, both in the lab and in client projects.