How does data get from the source to the end user?

Just like any other valuable commodity, data goes to market through a series of channels and intermediaries. Some promise to bring buyers and sellers together. Others collect data from multiple sources and add value before offering a combined, enriched data feed to buyers. The market is complex and a little mysterious—just what Directed Curiosity was built to explore.

The Data Market Study is my primary research focus in 2024. I’m looking into the structure of the market that moves data between organizations and the various business strategies and roles of companies in this market. The goal is to make sense of the market for data—horizontally, across vertical markets—to identify patterns that will inform decisions by all participants in the market, from buyers and sellers to intermediaries and outside investors.

As the project progresses, look for discoveries and insights first in the newsletter, work-in-progress updates here, and eventually a planned book on the structure of data markets.

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